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We are a private limited company registered in Zimbabwe. The directors of the company have a wealth of experience in the procurement industry, which allows the organisation to access commodities at very competitive prices. We have a history for importing raw materials for the process industry and providing a reliable and dependable procurement service having been in this industry for the past 20years under various. We have good working relationships with the authorities are fully compliant with all industry regulations in all countries where we operate.

We are engaged in two main forms of business namely;

  •  the offering of project management and consultancy services supporting infrastructure development projects
  • the support services function distributing raw material inputs for various sectors such as mining, manufacturing, farming and process industries.

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Products and Services

Valleyridge Investments Pvt Ltd ensures efficient delivery and quality as all commodities we distribute are ISO certified for grade and quality.


Cement, Railway rehabilitation equipment Railway Signaling Equipment Cable jointing equipment Electrical Cables Protective Gear Switch gear Transformers, Generators Tyres, Hilti Power Tools.

Bitumen Polypropylene

(Virgin Pellets), Recycled Plastic, Grain-Maize,

Soya and Sugar Beans, Malt, Salt Soya Crude Oil, Palm Oil.


Caustic Soda Mercury Soda Ash Dense Lime DRI

fines Air cooled slag.


Diesel, Petrol,

Hexane, Paraffin

Liquid Petroleum Gas.



As a procurement business we are well aware that we do not operate in a vacuum and pricing is a critical element of our business.


Operational Plan

Our sales team engages with businesses in various industries perceived as requiring our procurement services, doing proposals to demonstrate the benefits of our service for the client


Legal Environment

Valleyridge Investments is fully compliant with, licensing and bonding requirements, permits, insurance coverage requirements as stipulated by the authorities.



We have a highly skilled staff compliment of 22 capable employees which are well equipped to service our clients needs.



Our inventory volumes are informed by demand and we make it a point to have at least a months cover at any point in time.

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As a procurement business we are well aware that we do not operate in a vacuum and pricing is a critical element of our business. Our pricing model for industrial inputs aims to be competitive and to improve on the industry related prices being offered by other suppliers. However our policy is that price is not everything in the procurement game and there are many other considerations to be borne in mind such as, reliability, quality, payment terms, ready availability of product. Hence we concentrate on providing a comprehensive procurement solution for our client which is all encompassing of their needs.