What we do.

Valleyridge Investments( Pvt) Ltd is engaged in two main forms of business namely; the offering of project management and consultancy services supporting infrastructure development projects, and the support services function distributing raw material inputs for various sectors such as mining, manufacturing, farming and process industries.

Valleyridge investments is a private limited company registered in Zimbabwe. The directors of the company have a wealth of experience in the procurement industry, which allows the organisation to access commodities at very competitive prices. We have a history for importing raw materials for the process industry and providing a reliable and dependable procurement service having been in this industry for the past 20years under various. We have good working relationships with the authorities are fully compliant with all industry regulations in all countries where we operate.

Mission Statement

Valleyridge Investments (Pvt) Ltd aims to provide efficient, reliable and dependable procurement solutions which are custom built to fit each clients unique requirements. We also offer comprehensive project management and consultancy services on specialty areas where our clients lack the expertise to execute in house.

Company Goals and Objectives

To establish a firm foothold in the Zimbabwean as well as SADC regional commodity trading industry in line with the free trade agreements ratified by the SADC and African Union Organisations.


Operational Plan

Our sales team engages with businesses in various industries perceived as requiring our procurement services, doing proposals to demonstrate the benefits of our service for the client. This process we believe is the most important part of our business as it requires us to engage with the client in order to fully appreciate the clients business and requirements, before finally prescribing a procurement solution which is all encompassing of their needs, and hence efficient and cost effective.


We have a highly skilled staff compliment of 22 capable employees which are well equipped to service our clients needs. Our training and skills development programs run all year round in order to keep our staff abreast with the developments of products we distribute in the market. This is done mostly in house but also with the assistance of our suppliers technical staff, who will come in periodically to give updates on products.


Our inventory volumes are informed by demand and we make it a point to have at least a months cover at any point in time. Whilst we work on contract basis, spot purchases do occur so for this reason we always maintain inventory stocks so as to always to be prepared. We aim to keep our delivery lead-times down to a bare minimum as extended/erratic lead-times can be a deterrent for our clients to purchase from us since they can affect production negatively.

Legal Environment

Valleyridge Investments is fully compliant with, licensing and bonding requirements, permits, insurance coverage requirements as stipulated by the authorities.