Products and Services.

Valleyridge Invetsments Pvt Ltd ensures efficient delivery and quality as all commodities we distribute are ISO certified for grade and quality.


Cement, Railway rehabilitation equipment Railway Signaling Equipment Cable jointing equipment Electrical Cables Protective Gear Switch gear Transformers, Generators Tyres, Hilti Power Tools.


Caustic Soda, Mercury Soda,

Ash Dense Lime DRI

fines Air cooled slag.

Bitumen Polypropylene

(Virgin Pellets), Recycled Plastic, Grain-Maize,

Soya and Sugar Beans, Malt, Salt Soya Crude Oil, Palm Oil.


Diesel, Petrol,

Hexane, Paraffin

Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Product Features and Benefits

All goods imported come from reliable, established suppliers with ISO certification and warranties. Should there be any problems we have a refund/replacement policy if goods do not meet the specification stipulated in the certificate. The goods which we distribute are critical to production and as such do not required much marketing thererfore, Valleyridge Investments specializes in providing a procurement service which is cost effective and realiable and thus allows our clients to focus on their core business be it mining or manufacturing, maximising on their core competencies. Our clients have the peace of mind in knowing that their raw material requirements are efficiently managed by Valleyridge Investments both in terms of procurement and logistics from source to their door step, and each client has a tailor made delivery schedule to meet their production requirements. At Valleyridge Investments every client is unique and we treat them as such, hence we spend a lot of time on understanding our clients business and requirements so as to be able to prescribe relevant procurement solutions.